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NEW.  Handmade in Pakistan from recycled shalwar kameez - Pakistan's traditional dress.  Handmade by advocate and acid attack survivor Naila of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan.The Blue-Eyed Bunny has paired with Acid Survivors Foundation in Pakistan in order to bring you beautiful scarves - handmade for you by some incredible women who have survived, and continue to survive, the debilitating physical, social and emotional brutality of acid attacks.
NEW.  Soft and cozy fleece blanket made by acid attack survivor Ayesha of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan.

Acid attacks are occuring with alarming frequency in places like Pakistan, where women often lack adequate protection from their abusers.  Liquid sulphuric acid, commonly used for industrial purposes, can be bought for mere cents on the streets of Pakistan's cities. It costs little for a man to disfigure his wife, to hand her a life sentence of sadness, isolation and pain.  Survivors of acid attacks in countries such as Pakistan face tremendous hardship.  They are unlikely to be employed and are often shunned by their communities. 
This is NailaShe made that incredibly unique and beautiful scarf you just purchased.  She was thirteen years old when her school teacher threw acid on her, burning her face and neck and costing her one eye and an ear as well.  The school teacher had wanted to marry Naila, but Naila's father had refused. Naila's father has since sold everything, including his house, in order to pursue justice for his daughter.  With the help of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan, Naila underwent numerous surgeries and received psychotherapy.  She is now a strong and outspoken twenty-two year old and an advocate for women's rights.  Naila would like to become a lawyer.  Thank you in advance for purchasing her incredible work and for supporting Naila's dreams and ambitions.
This is Ayesha.  The only part of herself that she is comfortable showing.  Ayesha is twenty-five and lives with her mother and siblings in a small town in Pakistan.  A well known beauty in her village, Ayesha was married to a jealous and abusive man.  Each day before work, Ayesha's husband would force her to take a sleeping pill, to ensure she did not leave the house.  Finally, in a jealous rage, he threw acid on her, to disfigure her so that she would not attract the attentions of men.  Ayesha now hides her burnt neck and face.  She is fighting to make a living and to regain some of what she has lost.  Acid Survivors Foundation has been instrumental in her journey.  As are you.  Thank you in advance for purchasing the work of Ayesha's hands and for helping to empower her as she places one foot in front of the other.
Picture by DFID (UK).  The full article can be found here. is Nusrat.  Here she is seen holding some of the beautiful scarves she has made. Nusrat was 27 when she was attacked by her husband's family.  At first she thought they had simply thrown water on her.  Then the burning began. Nusrat's brother had refused to marry Nusrat's sister-in-law, and the family of Nusrat's husband lashed out at her instead.  Her extensive injuries required months in hospital, but doctors cannot repair her self-esteem or her return her joy.  Acid Survivors Foundation has been instrumental in helping Nusrat attempt to regain some of what she has lost.  Through ASF Pakistan, Nusrat has received vocational training which she now uses to make these wonderful products and which provide her with a source of income. Thank you for being a part of Nusrat's journey back to a world and future that is rightfully hers.
This is Sarah.  Sarah has made one of our most recent shipment of scarves and we quickly sold out.  Sarah was a victim of gender-based violence as a very young girl and no perpetrator has ever been identified or prosecuted.  This has greatly impacted Sarah's confidence and quality of life.  She has had nine surgeries to date and still requires more.  Thankfully, under the care of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan, Sarah is learning new skills and gaining more confidence in herself.  This once silent and devestated girl is a stunningly beautiful example of courage and tenacity.  Thank you for being a part of Sarah's new steps towards a more joyful life.

To learn more about the devastating impact of acid attacks, or for more information on how to support the work of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan, please visit
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